Tenth Anniversary of the First Crusade


The first crusade to Mazda HQ in California, that is. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Seven Stock event, wherein rotary fans from all around the US make an annual pilgrimage to California to stand around in the Mazda parking lot and gawk at each others rides.

As always, the lads at JNC have gone out of their way to make us Southern Hemispherians green with envy, and have got all the event coverage over on their site. Ben tells me they weren’t even planning to go, but when it occurred to them that it’d make us cry to know that they went and we didn’t, they immediately packed their Cressida wagon and hit the road. Jerks!

Check out all the hot shots at JNC.

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2 Responses to Tenth Anniversary of the First Crusade

  1. Jnostalgics said:

    Sorry guys, but you know it’s we who should be jealous. Y’all are the ones with access to the coolest rides, ya lukcy RHD blokes!

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