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NEWS: Honda thinks the sound of revving cars will soothe your baby

Honda has created a plush car that emits the sounds of engines revving in order to soothe crying babies. The Honda Sound Sitter is a stuffed car, but inside is a speaker that plays engine sounds of cars like the … Continue reading


EVENTS: Showa Kinen Park Car Show

Today’s guest writer is Chris Nicholson, who keeps the cars running at the Lane Motor Museum. Chris recently attended a classic car show in Showa Kinen Park. Every trip to Japan is full of wonder, and every trip to Japan is too … Continue reading



Since the opening of the Yamate Tunnel, provided traffic is light of course, traversing Tokyo to join the out-going expressways has become a lot easier. In ten or fifteen minutes, you can join the Joban for a quick run out … Continue reading


EVENTS: 2013 JCCA New Year Meeting, Part 02

In Part 01 of our 2013 New Year Meeting coverage, our photogs arrived on the scene in Odaiba, Tokyo. Nihon steel was shot, the swap meets was perused, and legends of Japanese motoring were admired. We see no reason not … Continue reading


GRAND TOURING: Driving the Chubu Touge, Part 02

In Part 01 of our Chubu grand tour, we escaped Tokyo by expressway northwest into the mountains. Our return trip took us on roads less traveled, over some of Japan’s most famous winding passes known as touge. We had made … Continue reading


Question of the Week: What is the most underrated nostalgic car?

Nostalgic Hero‘s top 20 list has caused quite the stir among Mazdafarians, upset that the Cosmo Sport was the sole Hiroshima machine to make the cut. As we warned, the same car can mean different things in different countries and … Continue reading


Kidney, Anyone? 1971 Honda 1300 Coupe 9

You know that work of art we posted a couple of weeks ago? Here’s what it looks like on the outside. The Honda 1300 Coupe 9 was Old Soichiro’s front-wheeled, air-cooled, quad-carbed answer to the Toyota Corona and Nissan Bluebird, … Continue reading


Kidney, Anyone? Honda 1300 Coupe on eBay

Here’s a rare one for ya – a 1971 Honda 1300 Coupe! It’s one of two known to exist in the US, and it was apparently just imported not too long ago. This excellent piece by Jonny Lieberman is all … Continue reading