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NEWS: New Datsun wagon and pickup coming soon, and the mistake everyone makes about the new Datsun

Last month we were invited to Nissan’s global product showcase.¬†After the Zama classics and Juke-R, the car we were most eager to see was the new¬†Datsun Go. he first new model to wear the revered Datsun name in decades. Since … Continue reading


NEWS: Nissan 360, Part 01 – Racing Heritage

For the Nissan faithful, the name Zama needs no introduction. The sleepy little town outside of Yokohama is home to Japan’s largest and most wondrous collection of classic and race cars, wholly owned by the Nissan Motor Company. For decades … Continue reading


Happy Nissan Day

According to the internets, on July 16, 1981 Nissan execs officially changed their brand in the US market from Datsun to Nissan. The campaign to notify the public began in earnest that fall and for three years badges like the … Continue reading

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