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EVENTS: 2018 New Year Meeting, Part 04 — Trucks

The New Year Meeting has plenty of cars and wares, but one needs to get them to the show in style. We’ve covered the classics, now let’s look at some of the commercial vehicles — utes, vans and trucks — that are … Continue reading


Friday Video: Toyota Corona Mark II vs Mitsubishi Galant GTO & Canter Tow Truck Toyota in G-Men ’75

This week’s video is from G-Men ’75, about a special task force within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police force. It was sponsored by Toyota, which explains why the MX20 Corona Mark II has to come to the rescue of the poor … Continue reading


Kidney, Anyone? Mitsubishi Canter Dekotora Tow Rig

Imagine rolling into JCCS with your nostalgic on the bed of this Mitsubishi Canter dekotora. It could be yours for ¥4,390,000 (or $52,000 American), shipping not included. More photos below the fold.