System of a Crown

crown.jpgAt the Tokyo Motor Show, which is going on right now, Toyota is showing off a Crown Hybrid Concept. That name should sound familiar to you – it’s all we’ve been talking about for months, the very descendant of that plucky little Toyopet that was the first Toyota to appear on our shores. As for the last Crown to appear on our shores, that’d be the the fourth-gen kujira (pictured). At home and in other markets, however, the venerable Crown has gone on to spawn enough descendants to rival Genghis Khan. In Japan, they’re up to generation twelve, and you can now check out some cracking good archival footage, including old commericals, of all one-dozen generations at this new Crown Hybrid minisite. Just click on “Crown Evolution” (readers from Kansas are forewarned), and see the amazing progression from underpowered blunder to technopowered wonder.

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