Swiss Nostalgics at Japaner Treffen 2009

JNCer Rene H. sent us these photos of the recent Japaner Young-und-Oldtimer Treffen all the way from Switzerland! They seem to like their cars mostly stock but improved with age, like a fine Swiss Emmental.

This fine machine was known by many names around the world. In the US, it was the Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Sapporo. In Japan, Mitsubishi Galant Lambda. In Europe, it was named simply the Mitsubishi Sapporo, after the site of the 1972 Winter Olympics.

japaner_treffen03_mazda_rx-4_luceLittle Luce Coupe, really lookin’ fine. (I know, I know, it’s pronounced LOO-chay.)

Another adventure in naming. What we know as the Datsun 710 was called the Nissan Violet in its home market and the Datsun 140J/160J in Europe.

John’s dream car, sadly out of reach once again.

Like the Finland Japanese Auto Extravaganza that Matt posted on last week, you just can’t have a J-tin meet in Europe without a Datsun Cherry showing up.

A beautifully preserved Toyota KE10 Corolla.

My personal favorite, a beautiful bright red MS75 Toyota Crown hardtop.

Thanks for sending the photos across the pond, Rene!

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6 Responses to Swiss Nostalgics at Japaner Treffen 2009

  1. BlownArrow! said:

    Wow…Love the fast back look of the red MS75 Toyota Crown…drooling…
    Looks like it was a awsome meet! 😀

  2. Brooks said:

    Yeah, the styling on that Crown is interesting. It’s clear how much the later Toyota Celica borrowed from the late-’60’s Ford Mustangs, but I’d never noticed before how the back of that Crown is directly borrowed — with a few tweaks, but the lineage is obvious — from the ’65-’66 Ford Mustang fastback.

    As with the Celica, it fits well and is well-done, though. Being a “copy” certainly doesn’t detract from it!

  3. colink said:

    great set of pictures

  4. G-zilla said:

    Great J-tin! Here in Mexico, Guayin means Wagon, the Violet here I don’t believe it was sold over here, only the 4 door models were available including the wagon. There’re some over here that have the holes on the front fenders for the mirrors and they have a silver cap on it because they came with the mirrors on the doors. A15 engine I think, 4 speed.

  5. Julian said:

    The Sapporo, was called a Mitsubishi Scorpian in Aussieland,
    friend had one.

    Nice 4door skyline, and Rx 3 coupe

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