Suzuki GSX1400 Goes Retro

While this isn’t exactly a car, we like how Suzuki has recalled its historic triple blue on white racing livery for a new special edition GSX1400Z. With fuel costs going through the ceiling, motorbikes are looking more and more appealing as an alternative to four wheeled travel. Unfortunately, like many great Japanese vehicles, this one is unavailable in North America. Australian, European and Japanese readers can bike all they want.

With major Japanese manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha going retro with their motorcycles, why not some throwback cars as well?

[The Motor Report]

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3 Responses to Suzuki GSX1400 Goes Retro

  1. leongsoon said:

    Man, I missed that livery! It’s not totally retro until they make it two-stroke and throw in quad Mikuni CV carbs again! Gotta love the sound those make, and the smoke, too 😀

  2. billy-280z said:

    Thats a pretty sweet bike!, I like Triumph’s retro styled speed triple too. As for the retro cars, that would be awesome! Instead of another boring jelly bean shaped versa how about a boxy retro version of the 510? It would have to be rear wheel drive of course to get any respect, but could still be a fun little 4 banger to please the green police. Maybe even a turbo version!

  3. Ben said:

    I like that idea, billy. And it could come in colors like butterscotch too. Maybe even a Datsun decal going across the rockers….

    Come on, Nissan, you know you like that idea! 🙂

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