Super Autobacs Car Show This Weekend

Yes, it’s true. In addition to perpetually good weather, non-stop nostalgic car events and your pick of old cars on craigslist, southern California also has a Super Autobacs, the JDM aftermarket superstore. They’ll be hosting a car show this weekend and it’s free, so let’s see some old school representation.

Thanks to Burabuda for the tip.

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5 Responses to Super Autobacs Car Show This Weekend

  1. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    I think they just opened a second store in Covina…

  2. Oh i wish we had these stores in the UK

  3. Burabuda said:

    can’t have everything colin, but we did give you guys asda …

  4. srfairladyz said:

    Theres a Super Autobacs built into the side of the Brooklyn bridge. …No there’s not, I kid.

  5. Ben said:

    Although there’s probably a guy selling an Autobacs’ worth of stolen parts under that bridge….

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