Subaru Fan! Fan! Festival

subaru_fanfanfestival Here’s something for the Subie heads. Last weekend Fuji Heavy Industries officially celebrated the 50th anniversary of its automaking arm with the Fan! Fan! Festival, held in Yokohama. Here’s the only shot we could find of some truly old school Subes, a Sambar and a 360. Currently, the festival is touring across Japan. Incidentally, this year is Subaru USA’s 40th anniversary. Where’s our party?

[Image: Subaru]

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2 Responses to Subaru Fan! Fan! Festival

  1. Tom said:

    That is a really old sambar, it’s older than the US ones, probably 64 or so. The yellow 360 is a young SS, 36 hp, oh yeah!

  2. Ben said:

    Haha, time to burn some rubber!

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