Subaru Concerned About Toyota RWD Coupe

Ever since we began following the possible revival of a lightweight Toyota RWD sports coupe, to which names as wide-ranging as the AE86, Celica and Supra have been attached, there’s been a loyal group of Toyota enthusiasts clamoring for the car. Things started going south when it was speculated, then confirmed, that Subaru would be supplying the flat-four boxer engine, possibly some of the drivetrain, and would have their own Subaru-badged version. Some said “bring it on” while others swore that if the car was built with the Subaru engine they would never buy it on the grounds that it wasn’t a pure Toyota.

Ironically, Fuji Heavy Industries sales chief Mat Nagato has expressed that he shares the same concern that the Toyota enthusiasts do, except the brand he’s concerned about diluting is Subaru’s. “We may lose our longstanding territory, or we may lose the great niche brand image. The potential risk is there. We have to be very smart on marketing strategy,” Nagato said. Toyota has kept quiet on the subject.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]

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6 Responses to Subaru Concerned About Toyota RWD Coupe

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    I’m with Mr.Nagato.It shouldn’t be the marketing that makes or breaks the car. Let both manufacturers do what’s right for their customers.

  2. Jeff Brown said:

    Well here is to hoping that Mr. Nagato will be able to get Toyota to put a little more of their DNA into this car. I would hate to see a project that they have high hopes for fall flat because of short sightedness. There is nothing that says these two can’t share the same platform but have different drivetrains and engines. Hell, manufactures do it all the time. Toyota should take a lesson from the Saabaru.

  3. leongsoon said:

    What’s wrong with a RWD Subaru, or a boxer Toyota? If it’s good people will buy it.

  4. SrFairladyZ said:

    /\.. Well some people are funny… like me. I wouldn’t buy it for those simple facts.

  5. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    Speaking of Saab(aru),can anyone correctly define a Saab? I mean,where is it made,who’s it developed by,on what platform is it built,and who supplies the engine?
    I have much confusion,Bond-San…

  6. Oyaji Gaijin said:

    The reborn AE86 concept drawings continue to look remarkably similar to the retro Bellett drawings published in Japan’s “Best Car” Magazine in 2003. And no one seems to have realized that Toyota picked up controlling interest of Isuzu in 2006 That retro Bellett is supposed to be released with a 2 liter DOHC inline four cylinder with rear wheel drive. Looks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck. No one else sees the pattern that Isuzu will likely be building the new AE86? It would be nice if the supposed insiders would call it a duck and get it over with.

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