Stylistically, This is JDM Muscle.


While it may technically only be packing a 2ltr engine, stylistically the ’72 GL-6 Laurel has all the looks one expects from an American muscle car – but in that uniquely Japanese way.  I’ve been digging these things for a while now, and it turns out that J-Spec – an Australian importer with a worldwide customer base – have got a perfect example in their stock list.  I’m not stoked about the brown interior, but everything else about this car is aces.  Great ride height, great wheels.  Can you imagine it with some tightly stretched tyres pulled over those rims?  These whips have so much potential.

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  1. Lachy said:

    The trouble with C130s is parts. Laurels just don’t have the same huge fanbase as Skylines and Fairlady Z’s and so Nissan and other companies haven’t re-manufactured many parts. It’s hard enough in Japan, let alone in Aus!

    They are very similar to the C110 Skyline except a little larger, heavier and “luxurious”. They look amazing from the rear though :>

    The GL-6 is a pretty base-spec model. They were also available with a G18 4-cyl, G20 4-cyl, L26 6-cyl and L28 6-cyl. Of course, if you were going to get one it’d have to be the 2800 SGX.

  2. Kev said:

    $21k Australian dollars is also pretty steep I thought…

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