Sometimes, Sometimes, Virtual Reality is Okay


Hell, if you can’t own it in out here in the real world, you may as well own it online. And for the cost of a 360 and a few hours behind the wheel—so to speak—it’s a lot cheaper than the real deal!

I am of course referring to the Toyota 2000GT. The only Japanese car to star in a Bond movie has now achieved an even higher accolade; it’s in Project Gotham Racing 4. I’m not sure if any other classic JDM can be found in the game, but my good man Shaneus assures me that if there is, he’ll eat my hat. Wait ’til he sees the hat I’ve picked out.

If you’d like to check out just how amazing this car looks in its virtual form, head over to this thread at the NeoGAF forums, where a user has posted some shots from the “photo mode” in PGR4.

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