Some Bike it Hot

Apparently this is quite the hot video meme in Japan right now. We were positively floored by the amazing skills of these Japanese riders, instructors at the Fushimi Techincal Center motorcycle driving school. The Japanese are just as fanatical about their two-wheelers, if not more, as they are about their four-wheelers. During one of our trips to Tokyo in the dead of winter, when our hands were shivering too badly to even take a picture, bikers were flying down narrow Shuto lanes at 70mph, slicing past Hino trucks with inches to spare. Maybe spiking adrenaline makes up for the wind chill. Anyway, if you’ve ever tried to wield a squirrelly, 400lb hunk of steel between your legs, then you know the prowess required to make this video. It takes a while to get started; the good stuff comes along at about 1:30 in. Thanks to yoshi for the tip.

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  1. KurumaOtaku said:

    Wow. That’s the kind of sensei I would want as an instructor. They must really love their job.

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