So…you like old Nissans?

This slideshow is from the excellent KGC10kai blog, please check it out, it’s chock full of great photography (he must be a good guy, he has great taste in music!). I believe this was a club run last weekend, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many C10s on the road at once!

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10 Responses to So…you like old Nissans?

  1. BlownArrow! said:

    WTF? Where are the cool movies or pictures group of old classic mitsubishi?
    I want to see some FTO’s, Arrows/Celestia, Sapporo, and Colts and such….
    The mitsu’s have some really nice lines and look just as awsome modified as they do
    I know ever body see the Skyline as the quintessential muscle from japan, but it had lots of compeition….
    Sorry for my rant, don’t get me wrong I love looking a old iron of any make….

  2. 82maxtx said:

    is that a JNC sticker on the nearest car @ 3:41 ? (1st video)

  3. Zukiru said:

    Isn’t that kind of like asking for K-car meet videos?

  4. BlownArrow! said:

    ….lol… 😛 you haven’t seen the turbododge website…..

  5. Ben said:

    Just you wait Kev… we’ll join them soon enough 🙂

  6. Ryan said:

    Great vid,
    Blownarrow do you complain when you get a free meal and the plates the wrong color mate?

  7. Kev said:

    Fair call, Blownarrow!

    It is now my mission to find a similar vid for my Mitsubishi brethren.

  8. BlownArrow! said:

    Ryan: Yes but only after I’ve finished the meal…
    Vegemite anyone?…:-D

  9. meghnath said:

    this very nice car image

  10. KGC10kai said:

    I am the writer of KGC10kai blog.
    Thank you for putting the slide show that I made.
    Please watch my blog again from now on because I upload the photograph of the old car.

    An old car is cool. I love it.


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