So, are You Digging grandJDM or What?


Alright guys and girls, it’s time to pull out the stops and march into your local Blogger’s Choice Awards polling venue and… wait, you can just go to their website.  Oh how bloody convenient eh?

If you’ve been enjoying our work over the past couple of months (has it seriously been that long?), we’d love it if you could jump on over to the BCA website, register (yeah I’m sorry, but it only takes a minute!), and cast your vote for grandJDM in the Best Hobby Blog category.  We might not win it, but then again, we just might!  There’s no prize that I know of, other than the exposure and feeling of respect that winning will give us, haha.

So please, head on over to BCA and get your vote on!

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One Response to So, are You Digging grandJDM or What?

  1. Van said:

    8 hours and 2 votes, that’s a special feeling! *sigh*

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