Snoop Dogg and the Datsun 510s


Word on the street is that Snoop Dogg is putting together a band, called Snoop Dogg and the Datsun 510s.

So alright, that was a lie. I have to confess (happily) that I’m not in even the slightest way a fan of this guy’s droll styles. But when the man’s got a 510 wagon on the cover of his new album, props have to be given.

Is this evidence of a heretofore unknown secret love for Datsuns? Snoop, if you’re reading grandJDM—and we know you are—holla at us.

[via A Hot Mess]
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3 Responses to Snoop Dogg and the Datsun 510s

  1. altoidsburnme said:

    Fo’ Shizzle.

    Werd, yo. 😀

  2. Jnostalgics said:

    Damn, that is too funny!!

  3. datsunfreak said:

    The car belongs to Randy York of Long Beach, CA. Snoop Dogg drove a 510 station wagon in high school and for the new album (which he termed a “back to basics” effort) he wanted to be shot with his high school car in front of his old high school (Long Beach High).

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