Snoop Datt

snoop.jpgWe were just checking in with our compadres at grandJDM and nearly died laughing when we came across this post on rapper Snoop Dogg’s new album cover.

If you’ve had your eye on one of these cars you’d better grab it quick, cause once the MTV crowd figures out exactly what ride this album is pimpin’, Datsun 510 Wagons will be selling like they’re made of gold, and probably end up plated in it too. Clearly, the utter old school coolness of a five-tizzle is what the label in the bottom right corner is advising parents of.

We have to wonder, is this Datsun what Mr. Dogg was talking about in his 2000 composition, “Hennesey N Buddah,” featuring his colleague KoKane, when he said:

I never ever dropped a dime, sheeeit
Nigga might cop a dime
Never hesitate to pop a 9, bah
And always come up with the proper line

A modern-day Chaucer, if you ask us. How long before the garages of MTV Cribs are teeming with Datsuns? Place your bets now. Thanks for making our day, mates.

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3 Responses to Snoop Datt

  1. retrokid said:


  2. Bob said:

    N0ES!!! Now I’m gonna have to battle thugs for a 510.

    I am sad.

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