Smokey Nagata’s Top Secret Celica

Top Secret RA28 Celica

Japan’s popular Top Secret tuning house are best known for their top of the line work on the more modern cars, along the lines of Supras and Skylines. However, as this article at Japanese Nostalgic Car shows, boss Smokey Nagata’s love for classic JDM is as strong as his well known (and well documented) love for speed.

What we have here then, is potentially the most outstanding example of a modern workshop’s ability to get the most out of a car never intended to undergo such treatment. While you may find classier examples of the RA28 Celica, you’ll likely never find one as mental as this.

Click through to Japanese Nostalgic Car for the article and a bevy of images.

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3 Responses to Smokey Nagata’s Top Secret Celica

  1. old_school_lover said:

    The ultimate RA28!! This thing looks the goods and still goes like the clappers, even with an 18RG

  2. Jaxor said:

    if u were a really old school lover of classic celica’s you would know its a Ra25

  3. Van said:

    Your’re the man Jaxor.

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