Slappy’s Wall of Wheels Wallpaper Goes Viral

You may have seen this Wall of Wheels Wallpaper circulating around teh intarwebs recently, often uncredited. Actually, it was none other than JNCer Slappy, he of Slide Asylum and scary clown avatar, who put it together with nothing more than the simple caption “I was bored” in the Not-So-Ultimate Classic JDM Wheel Thread back in April. Congrats on your new-found fame, Slappy!

P.S. Whoever can name all those wheels gets a Datsun.

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14 Responses to Slappy’s Wall of Wheels Wallpaper Goes Viral

  1. DIASISS said:

    holy crap! look at all those AWESOME old school rims!

  2. Jeremy Reeves said:

    Um, which Datsun are you giving away? I may have a late night of research ahead of me…:)


  3. zukiru said:

    Can the Datsun be a 77 200sx?

    I’ll research too… lol

  4. Jeremy Reeves said:

    Who am I kidding, it doesn’t really matter which Datsun it is.


  5. DIASISS said:

    can i please just make up some names???

  6. Slappy said:

    Man, thank you! This is getting awesome!

  7. banpei said:

    What about a Toyota for the Toyotakus then? 😛

  8. Nigel said:

    Let’s see, got it, need it, got it.
    Actually all of them are needed.

  9. Kareem said:

    Whooaa!! That’s a lot of awesome classic wheels.

    Nicely done slappy.

  10. colink said:

    always a great picture to look at to see what else you can identify

  11. Nice, spotted this over on Speedhunters the other day.

  12. Slappy said:

    Thanks guys!..if i get bored i might redo this but in a munch larger scale with all the names…maybe.

  13. 4AGE KE70 said:

    I can only name some of the wheels,but not all of it,but it is an interesting game,so that we all can remember it.

  14. alan said: all the names and wheels are on there

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