Skyline Surprise

The irreverent bloggers at Jalopnik have a garage that they’re trying to populate with the 50 coolest cars of all time. Alas, it’s a Fantasy Garage but the idea is so cool that we might have to steal it one day. Nevertheless, today they’ve elected to fill one of the coveted spots with a legend in its own time, the Nissan Skyline. Problem is, the Skyline has so many unbelievably awesome generations that they can’t figure out which one to include and have put the vote to the public.

And the nominees are: the KPGC10 GT-R, the R32 GT-R, R33 NISMO 400R, and R34 GT-R. Right now, the classic is trailing in the votes like a fourth party candidate. The post on the C10 has a few errors, however. They seem to have lumped the fourth-gen C110 Kenmeri (pictured) into the same generation as the third-gen C10 Hakosuka, and call the C10 the “original Skyline.” We think they meant to say the “original GT-R” since the Prince Skyline debuted in 1957. Nevertheless, you know what to do. Get over there and show some support for the old school!

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2 Responses to Skyline Surprise

  1. van said:

    Why the heck are they using a GT-X as their example! It’s a nice looking car, but it’s no GT-R! Needs the bolt on guards damn it.

  2. Jeff said:

    Aw c’mon! That clay aiken shot hurt! The KPGC10 is a god among cars! The one the only, the true Skyline GTR! And yes they are just SLIGHTLY biasing things by posting that 4door saloon GTX as the pic. Why not have a sweet looking GTR in there? Grrr….

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