Skyline Racers on Display

kenmary1.jpgIf you happen to be in Japan in the next few weeks, be sure to swing by the Nissan Ginza showroom. Nissan’s putting on a special exhibit called “Potential for Your Driving” that will include some of the most legendary Skylines ever built. Everything from ’71 C10s to the 1995 NISMO GT-R LeMans and the latest Super GT GT-Rs will be on display. The event started March 3 and will end on April 7.

This sinister looking kenmeri GT-R was built for Nissan’s 1972 Tokyo Motor Show booth, intended to be the next generation of GT-R racers.  Unfortunately, the oil crisis and emissions regulations prevented that from happening and only 197 kenmeri GT-Rs were ever built.

[Nissan Japan]

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  1. Burabuda said:

    the kenmeri image car #73 looks fantastic in static display but looks ungainly at speed during the nissan fisco track events

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