Silvia 240RS: last of the oldschool rally cars


About 6mths ago, we did a feature on the Nissan FJ20 engine, and touched on the Group B rally car that Nissan campaigned in the early 80s: the S11 Silvia 240RS. It was a 2.4L DOHC, 16V four cylinder that ran Weber carbs and made 280ps at over 8000rpm, driving the rear wheels only. A classical rear-drive rally coupe in the old school sense, it had the misfortune of being rallied during the same era as the Audi Quattro, and so the 240RS has largely ended up as a little-known footnote in rallying history. It got a few podium finishes in the early 80s and came 3rd in the WRC in 1982 but that’s about it.


But for olschool JDM motorsport enthusiasts, the 240RS represents somewhat of a holy grail. The 2.4L FJ24 motor is big step above the roadgoing FJ20 engine, a Nismo development with a special stroker crank and rods and is one of Nissan’s all-time classic motorsport powerplants. Now eligible for historic rallying, a 240RS is perhaps the ultimate development of the old RWD rally car concept before all such things were made obsolete overnight by the 4wd turbo era.


A workshop in Japan found an ex-Nissan Europe 240RS in New Zealand, and restored it, you can find their restoration diary here. Also check out their in-car footage too.

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  1. requiemk said:

    I think this is the same one my workmate owns. I don’t see there being another one in new zealand. I think its current state is not driving, engine needs a rebuild. Gearbox was all apart on the bench at work was under strict word to stay away. So weird to be seeing this on here knowing im close to it. Will deffinately get him on here and to have a look, most likely he hasnt seen these restoration pictures/videos.

  2. Zeb said:

    Oh but there’s one down here in Dunedin! Ex-british rally car.

    The guy also owns a genuine 240ZG, 240Z rally car (from the ’70s), SR311 Fairlady and some other stuff I can’t remember. Pretty sweet collection though.

  3. Kev said:

    What is it about ex-works Nissan british rally cars ending up in NZ? ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s 3 that ended up in NZ already and I’m sure there weren’t that many to begin with

  4. kai said:

    maybe nz rally teams have smaller budgets hence used cars ๐Ÿ˜›

    also on that same site, showing “restoration” of some 240z as well.. not as complete docu as the 240rs..

  5. Kev said:

    That 240Z is a z432, which is the version of the Zed with the S20 motor from the 2000GT-R Hakosuka.

    Quite rare and valuable!

  6. kai said:

    ya i noticed.. just didnt like the “after” look.. i thought the original orange paint and watanabe rims are way better than the bling after hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

    also the LED headlights, they look horrible! should have stay with stock headlight with lens covers.. oh well.

  7. floody said:

    I’ve met the owner of this car and had a pretty close up look at it, its an absolutely top shelf restoration.

  8. altoidsburnme said:

    Hey, this car is also in Gran Turismo 4.

    Yes, I have driven it, and boy, was it awesome!

    Easy to toss ’round corners, easy to control with the throttle, and best of all, it loves to slide a bit.

  9. SRacin said:

    Well, this piece of legendary equipment is current for sale;


    And on a world scale is pretty dam cheap!

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