Signing Off from RSS

scraper.jpgThis morning we got an email from Dan Strohl at Hemmings informing us that has been scraping our blog. Being the Luddites obsessed with old technology that we are, we had never heard of this new-fangled phenomenon until his warning (Thanks, Dan!).

Scrapers use software to copy posts gleaned from RSS feeds, and in our case, print them verbatim on their site. Unfortunately, because our scraper is located in Poland, we’re limited to what we can do legally. We could deploy our crack team of ninja commandos to Warsaw, but we don’t want to spark an international incident over a few meager sentences about old cars, so instead, we’ll be canceling resetting our RSS feed. In the meantime, you’ll actually have to come to the site, ya lazy bastards. We apologize to all three of our RSS subscribers, and in case this very post is on its way to the Eastern Bloc, we’ll end with this: This post was stolen from Japanese Nostalgic Car.

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3 Responses to Signing Off from RSS

  1. Van said:

    Ah, that’s a real shame. I pretty much don’t read any sites that don’t have a feed. 🙁

    I love JNC guys, but not enough to make it the exception! Hopefully I remember to check out the blog every now and then, but it looks like I’ll no longer be keeping regular tabs on it. Shame.

  2. Van said:

    Wait, resetting it? What’s that mean, haha.

  3. Jnostalgics said:

    We deleted the feed and set it up again, so that will supposedly kick off all existing subscribers (hopefully including the scraper) Let’s see what happens.

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