Sideways Sliding Celica

This has always been a dream of ours, to take one bad ass nostalgic and go drifting, one of the few motorsports where style matters just as much as speed. The problem is, we’d never have the nerve to actually do it because 1.) we can’t drift our way out of a used kleenex and 2.) we couldn’t bear to see the toll this would take on hard-to-find body panels and trim. Luckily, Hideo Itakura and HDO Racing Service have no such reservations and have been campaigning this SR20-powered Celica Liftback in Japan’s D1GP drift series. Note the intercooler masquerading as a grille. That’s total awesome right there.

UPDATE: Check out this pic from Zulu!


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12 Responses to Sideways Sliding Celica

  1. Toyotageek said:


  2. Jeff Brown said:

    Sweet ass car, would love to see that car in action.

  3. Sr-fairladyz said:

    Finally, I was waiting for this to happen. Awesome!

  4. slickwrick said:

    oh yessssssssssssss!!

    bring it to america!!!

    please please!!

  5. Koich said:

    I wonder if purists squirm at the site of a SR20 in a Celica? lol

  6. Ben said:

    Personally, I’d go with a 4AGZE, but hey, different strokes…

  7. panda[cRx] said:

    another for the ‘only in japan’ file

    very nice =D

  8. Dan said:

    i’m loving the fender mirrors =D

  9. Macka said:

    that thing looks awesome =D but why would you drop an SR into it when Toyota has perfectly good, strong motors?? =(

  10. zulu said:

    i have another pic of this car in action. do u guys want it? besides that i love it! celica D1 style! i have a friend in virginia who also drifts a celica. went to his first real track event a lil ago. except his is a white coupe.

  11. Ben said:

    Zulu – of course, man! Email it to feedback or post it in the forums. Thanks!

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