Short Notice: NJ Z Club Show Tomorrow

Sorry for the short notice, but this just came down the wire. Tomorrow, August 23, will be the NJ Z Club’s annual show in Bridgewater, NJ. Looks like last week of August in Joisey is shaping up to be old school central with the Team Toyminator Old School Toyota show coming up the following weekend (see next post). For more information, go to

UPDATE: JNCer QuasiMondo has posted pics of this show. Click here.


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5 Responses to Short Notice: NJ Z Club Show Tomorrow

  1. SrfairladyZ said:

    Damn that is late notice! Only about 40 miles from me, hm.

  2. joe said:

    id go alot close than a possibly 7500+ miles from me lol

  3. Ben said:

    If any of you go we’d be grateful for some pics! 😉

  4. QuasiMondo said:

    Perfect excuse for me to swing by the junkyard on the way out there.

  5. I wish i lived over there

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