Shootout at the BRE Corral

datsunporsche.jpg The racing world is full of legendary rivalries – Chevy vs. Ford, Porsche vs. Ferrari, even Ford vs. Ferrari, and now, Porsche vs. Datsun. In the early days of Datsun’s entry into the US market, the BRE 510s and 240Zs went doorhandle to doorhandle with the boys from Stuttgart. Now, the Vintage Auto Racing Association seeks to reignite the clash with its annual Porsche-Datsun Shootout at the Jeff Saltman Memorial Race in Las Vegas, October 13-14. For photos from last year’s event, look here.

[Sources: grandJDM, VARA, classicracingphotos]

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  1. Photos from the 2007 Shootout will be posted on my site on the 15th.

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