SEMA x ToyotaFest

SEMA’s most recent e-newsletter included a link to an article about Toyotafest! This should be of particular interest to those of us in the nostalgic car scene, as the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association is always keeping a pulse on where the car hobby is headed.

SEMA does a lot for car enthusiasts, and even if you know nothing about them you’ve probably benefited from their efforts in some way. For one, they’re our strongest advocate/watchdog against the likes of Cash for Clunker programs and other laws targeting collector cars. They’re also hugely influential in pointing out segments that aftermarket and restoration parts  companies should be paying attention to.

Vintage Japanese still comprises a small slice of the automotive aftermarket compared to street rods, muscle cars and even newer imports, but the continued success of shows like Toyotafest and JCCS are making people take notice. If the right people do, it could be great news for anyone trying to restore some J-tin.

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4 Responses to SEMA x ToyotaFest

  1. kingtoy said:

    I have been saying there needs to be a company like Year One for classic imports for years.

  2. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    That is exciting news! And for the record:that white Cellie is H-O-T!

  3. zulu said:

    me and my celica are in this pic! the article done by sema was nice. im glad they are paying attention to us !

  4. DIASISS said:

    wow!!! i hope they join my website too!!!

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