School of Rocky: RB26 S30Z

rocky auto Aichi may be the home Prefecture of Toyota, but lurking in the city of Okazaki, some serious Nissans lie in wait. Rocky Auto specializes in Skylines and Fairladys, and you can even buy them for export (like some of our forum members have), but they will also take your nostalgic Nissan and fit it with the latest in expressway-ripping hardware, Bionic Woman style. The house special? Stuffing an RB26DETT from a modern Skyline GT-R into the unsuspecting stitch-welded chassis of cars like the S30 Fairlady Z. The silver one in the photo on the right spins its Wats with close to 500hp and looks sinister doing it. Check out this blog for more pics of an amazing 240Z (Japanese only).

[Nostalgic Car Newspaper]

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