Samuridin' Dirty

We get so absorbed by cars that we’re often rendered clueless when it comes to those swaths of fabric that drape your body…. what’s the word? Oh right, clothes. Apparently, a greasy t-shirt from the last car show you attended isn’t considered appropriate for every occasion. Or at least that’s what women tell us when they refuse to walk down the street beside us.

For some reason, cable tv perhaps, hot rod brands like Von Dutch and West Coast Choppers are suddenly the it thing among the MTV crowd. Not that this stops Paris and Lindsay, but what’s an old school J-head to do if the Iron Cross just isn’t what you’re looking for in a fashion statement?

Well now there’s hope. Our Aussie friends at grandJDM have discovered Samurai Club, a seriously cool crew of dudes from Osaka that wrench their own bosozoku rides, long for “the good old days” and provide a retro J-chic wardrobe alternative for the discerning enthusiast. The stuff ain’t cheap, but on par with other specialty brands in Japan, and we’d rather sport these than a Von Dutch trucker hat any day.

Image courtesy of Samurai Club.

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2 Responses to Samuridin' Dirty

  1. BuddyJ said:

    Very cool. Good find.

  2. Toyotageek said:

    Thnx to my fiancee, I should be sportin’ one of their fine T’s at the next show I attend…

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