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One of the cars that seems to have been a little left out by the whole J-nostalgic movement is the SA22C RX-7 (or FB as you’d know it in the States).  It seems to straddle the 70s era of fender mirrors and chrome and the 80s period where everything seemed to have turbos, fuel injection and digital dashes.  In its driving qualities it’s a lot closer to the old school than it is to the 80s FC RX-7, while its styling and amenities are more in line with the later era.  So to me, they’ve always had tons of appeal, and it’s only a matter of time before people start to take notice and values rise.  The fact that they were built in serious numbers makes them a much more practical resto proposition than an RX-3 too.  But while everybody wants a period-look RX-3 or RX-2 with flares and dished Watanabes, I’ve always thought that in Japan the SA22C is a little unfairly ignored.

So it was great to find an awesome enthusiast site for the marque at 22C Works.com. It’s an excellent community of SA22 junkies in Japan and just check out their awesome photo galleries. The site also has a big section on modification and upgrade tips, and a great resource for vintage car commercials here.  Let’s hope that we’ll start to see more SA22Cs in the nostalgic style.

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  1. BlownArrow! said:

    Just Awsome! back in 01 I had a that same color 1983 Rx7 I had cut an inch out of the front springs.. I was soo cool.. I beat that poor car to death.. I love to jump it over the train tracks going north on Beach Blvd. just after Katella.. miss that car….

  2. BuddyJ said:

    OMG! I’ve never seen FB like that! Pure sex. I’ve always thought these cars were sweet, but that pic really amped up my urge to buy one.

  3. Nigel said:

    I’ve wanted this car since first saw one, then seeing the “Racing Beat ” track version just added fuel to the fire. (Time to go shopping !)

  4. j_c said:

    A true nostalgic. Almost every time I fill up I get a “Hey, I used to have one of those!”

    I think it’s overlooked because Mazda kept the RX-7 name too long. Nowadays if you say RX-7, nine times out of ten people will think of the FD3S.

  5. Brad D. (TSiSS350) said:

    I have only had mine for a month or so……and its probably the most fun car I have EVER owned. I hardley even miss my EVO VIII anymore, hah!

  6. Ben said:

    Dude, this post was on point! The SA22C was so ahead of its time… especially in the styling department. It really ushered in the age of 80s cars.

  7. Jimbo said:

    Thanks, that is a great post. I really liked looking at the JDM RX-7 GTs with the turbo-charged 12A engine. The design of the first gen was so original, one look and you know it is a Japanese car.
    Would love to see Mazda go back to a lighter simpler RX-7 or RX-whatever. Of course with pop-up headlights!

  8. Julian said:

    Awesome, my car is finally up there.
    I’ve had my 79 Series One Rx7 for nearly twenty years now.
    Bought her when I was only 20.
    She’s been rebuilt and has a nice ported 13b, no fuel injection or turbos for me.
    I still love driving her, and she will probably be left in my will.
    timeless look and style.

  9. roosterfella46 said:

    aah.. the RX family… sports car that’s unique..
    they are one of the reason that made me work for Mazda..trully..
    the design of the first gen RX7 is trully ahead of it’s time..not to mention with a powerplant that’s unlike any other sports car.. it is unique..

  10. sr-fairladyz said:

    Oh, I never over looked their beauty. My wife would bug if I got another money pit, especially with a rotary under the hood. 🙂

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