Rust in Peace: J's Tipo Ends Magazine Publication

Sad news from Japanland today. It’s the end of the road for J’s Tipo magazine. The publishers have announced that Issue 180 will be the last for the long-running automotive periodical.

They covered mostly new cars but always had a good amount of nostalgic car content. Henceforth, they will be a web-only publication.

We don’t know the fate of their sister titles like J’s Tipo Speed HistoriX, which was devoted to vintage Japanese cars and was only launched in November of 2009.

You can check out the current J’s Tipo website here. Be sure to spend some time browsing the section of old JDM brochures, all of which are downloadable in PDF format.

Rust in Peace to a great magazine.

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8 Responses to Rust in Peace: J's Tipo Ends Magazine Publication

  1. Dan said:

    Bummer =(

    Why is it all the good magazines are closing shop? This is bringing back bad memories of SCC’s demise…

  2. N/Aontherun said:


    Sad to see mag around the world closing up shop

  3. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    That interweb is a killer. RIP 🙁

  4. Nigel said:

    Magazine or Webpage? All we can do is keep our favorites (magazines) strong with buying them or getting a subscription.

  5. bert said:

    Makes it all the more easier for JNC to say “look we got old school!”

  6. Sarcasmo said:

    I like how they feature the new FT-86 and CR-Z as “CRX and AE86” on the cover feature.. Yeah right. 😛

  7. Sarcasmo said:

    Sport Compact Car is no more??


  8. colink said:

    so yet another one bites the dust, sad to see

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