Mazda Releases 40th Anniv RX-8

If you live in Japan, you can go down to your local Mazda or Mazda Anfini dealer today and commemorate the 40th anniversary of the rotary engine with the newly released Rotary Engine 40th Anniversary limited edition version of their top-of-the-line sports car, the RX-8.

With its spiritual successor, you’ll have your choice of six-speed transmissions, either a Type S manual or a Type E automatic. Color choice, however, is limited to Marble White. Numerous details will distinguish your suicide-doored coupe from more mundane RX-8s, like semi-gloss chrome light bezels, dark silver chrome wheels, front foglamps with blue reflectors, and – naturally – numerous 40th anniversary rotary engine badges sprinkled throughout.

Other touches not so visible as one speeds by you on the highway include Bilstein dampers, a urethane foam-filled front crossmember, a special engine cover, steering wheel, shift knob and aluminum pedals.

While this doesn’t seem all that different from the regular RX-8, It’s all about the heritage. Is it worth the 3,150,000 yen though? Well, forty years ago, this same visit to a dealership would have netted you one of 1,519 Cosmo 110 Sports ever built. Production of this RX-8 will be limited to just 200.

Source: [Mazda]

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