Return of the 'Roku, Part Deux

Further speculation abounds on what could be an AE86 successor. The Asahi Shumbun reported today that Toyota and Subaru are considering a jointly developed entry level sports car. Since all of Toyota’s small platforms are front-wheel-drive, it was unknown what powertrain the rumored rear-wheel-drive hachiroku descendant would have used. Now, the latest word is that the car won’t use a Toyota-based drivetrain at all, but Subaru’s flat four and possibly its all-wheel-drive system as well.

Toyota acquired 8.7 percent of Subaru in October 2005 when General Motors relinquished its 20 percent stake, a partnership that yielded just one very Asian-looking Saab.

The Subayota is expected to go on sale in 2010.

Source: [Asahi Shimbun via Reuters]
Image courtesy of Best Car

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2 Responses to Return of the 'Roku, Part Deux

  1. BuddyJ said:

    A flat-four and AWD will ruin any attempt to make an AE86 successor. Even if it’s just RWD, the flat four will most likely lack the 4A-GE’s high revving nature. I’d me much more content if they stuck in one of the new Valvetastic (I can’t remember what they call it) motors with some lumpy cams.

  2. JT191 said:

    These illustrations bear a striking resemblance to the “New Isuzu Bellett GTR” illustrations published in Best Car Magazine in August of 2003. (The darker car in the background).

    That is to be a retro compact coupe, RWD four cylinder, following the pattern of the New Beetle, New Mini, and retro redesign of the Mustang.

    It is also interesting to note that after Isuzu seperated from GM, Toyota bought 6% of the company, they are now in the process of cementing a joint venture to build cars in India, and Isuzu will be supplying diesel engines to Toyota.

    Tieing this car to a Subaru joint venture is rather naive given the fact that the design appears to have been lifted from another Toyota affiliate, Isuzu.

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