Return of the ‘Roku, Maybe

Rumors of an AE86 successor has been spreading across the web like the blob at end of Akira in the past couple of days. One of the few cars more well known by its chassis code than it’s actual name, the Toyota Corolla GT-S (or Sprinter Trueno / Corolla Levin if you hail from Japan), the potential hachiroku descendant is expected to have a 120hp 1.5L inline four, with possibly a 150hp performance version, weigh less than 2200lbs, and – most importantly – be rear wheel drive. That’s right, folks. After phasing numerous cheap, FR platforms like the Corolla and Celica to FF over the decades, Toyota is returning to is roots. Best of all, the target price for this neo-86 is expected to be $12,300. Driveshafts be praised!

We won’t hold our breaths for this one, but the buzz is definitely growing.  Earlier this year, Van from grandJDM posted this news in our forums.  While we know the famed AE86 isn’t quite nostalgic yet, it’s certain to become a classic someday. Plus, it has served as the gateway drug for many vintage Japanese car enthusiasts and we have to be thankful for that.

Source: [Best Car via World Car Fans]

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