Return of Nissan's Own GT-R

nissankpgc10gt-r.jpgmotorsportjapan.jpgUnless you’ve spent the last two years being probed in an alien mothership, you know of the triumphant return of Nissan’s GT-R, which (finally!) debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show this week. But at the recent Motorsport Japan 2007 festival, Nissan unveiled another GT-R, sure to be of more interest to you nostalgic fans – their very own KPGC10 GT-R, which just underwent a thorough restoration. Check it out, in all its original splendor, complete with high ride height and blacked out wheels. It was all part of the ongoing party honoring the 50th anniversary of the Skyline.

Held in Odaiba, Tokyo, Motorsport Japan is a celebration of racing, with live runs of everything from Toyota’s own replica of the yellow and green 2000GT that broke 16 world speed records on a 72hr endurance run in 1966, to modern F1 cars like the planet Earth-schemed Hondas. Other notable classic race cars included the massively-winged Nissan R381 and turbocharged Toyota 7.


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