Reminders for SoCal: There Will Be Events


This weekend promises yet more events in the magical land of J-tin known as SoCal. First up, the Z Car Club Inland Valley is having their sixth annual show in Murietta, CA from 10am to 2pm this Sunday, May 18. Click here for show details.

Next, there’s the Eagle Rock Vintage Nippon Swap Meet and Car Show on the same day. Doors open at 9am. Check out for details.

Unbelievable! If you live anywhere else in the world, here’s some more salt for your wound: the weather’s always good too.

[Image: DatsunBluebird]

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2 Responses to Reminders for SoCal: There Will Be Events

  1. Jaime said:

    We need other Datsun events for all other models. I am tired of 510 Bluebird meets. Show some respect to other types, or else please stop calling yourselves “Datsun” when all I see is 510 and Z datsuns in your so called “Datsun” meets.


  2. Ben said:

    This used to be a 510 meet but it’s now been opened to all vintage Japanese. True, a lot of the cars there are still 510s, but that’s why we’re trying to help get the word out.

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