Reminder: More Old School Fun in CT and GA

Think there aren’t any nostalgics left on the east coast? Think again. If one New England old school cah gathering isn’t enough, here’s another: the Old School Toyota Club of Bridgeport’s annual bash on August 17. Check out OSTCBPT for details.

If the northeast is too far for you, how about Hotlanta? Nostalgists from Georgia are holding a meet on Saturday, August 16. Check this forum thread for details. It’s good to see that Cali isn’t the only place with a pulse!

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3 Responses to Reminder: More Old School Fun in CT and GA

  1. Rolando El Kimico said:

    That is to show the public that you don’t have to be in the west coast to enjoy shows for the import cars. Here in the east coast is a variety of import cars shows as well. This is a good example of imports gathering in the east coast. Hope to see you all there.

  2. charliebucket said:

    hopefully this GA meet is just the begining of a regular thing. look foward to meeting everyone on saturday.

  3. qdseeker said:

    Today is the day! Hope to have a great turn out.

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