Reminder: JCCS on Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

For any of you even remotely close to SoCal this weekend, be sure to attend the Japanese Classic Car Show! Remember, the show is in a new location this year, at Hidden Valley Park in Irvine, California. With hundreds of nostalgic Datsuns, Toyotas, Hondas, Mazdas, Mitsus and more, you won’t want to miss it. Doors open at 9am on Sunday, October 12. Click for coverage from the 2007 and 2006 shows.

P.S. Stop by the JNC booth and say hi!

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8 Responses to Reminder: JCCS on Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

  1. TSiSS350 said:

    And I should be there………………. next year! Have fun all!

  2. Koich said:

    I’ll be there. Replacement radiator arriving on Friday, driving down on Saturday. Gonna cut it pretty close……..

  3. robakun said:

    I will be one of the OTAKU guys checking people and cars in. Later on I may be hanging out at the OS GIKEN tent.

  4. zulu said:

    hope you guys have lots of fun at this. take lots of picture plz!

  5. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    Could have sworn this was on a Saturday… glad it’s on a Sunday! I’ll be able to make it now. See you all there!

  6. colink said:

    Oh i wish i could be there, must see lots of pictures please

  7. D.Drew said:

    I think the orange 510 on the cover, is my old 510 that i bought new in june 1971, from Pomona Valley Datsun. It was yellow then, I sold it in the 80’s at the pomona swapmeet to a guy named Kelvin?

  8. Ben said:

    D. Drew – if you’re talking about the Datsun 510

    Which is also on the cover of Issue 1, then yes! Amazing how these cars’ histories follow them around. You’re talking about something that happened 20 years ago!

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