Rear Wheel Resurrection Update

As you probably know, FR is coming back in a big way. Nissan, Toyota and Subaru (having joined forces with the Big T), all have lightweight RWD coupes in the pipelines.

First, let’s check in with the Toyobaru joint venture that we’ve been following since last year. This Subaru Legacy-lookin’ test mule was spotted by spy photographers in da UK wearing a lot of camouflage and a Toyota badge. All signs point to this being the much ballyhooed AE86 (and possibly Celica) successor. Sorry, Toyota fans, Latest rumors swirling around the interwebs say that it will be sold as a Toyota only in Japan and as a Subie elsewhere in the world. Maybe that’s just as well since by all accounts it’ll be powered by Subaru’s flat four, which many swear will not make it a true Toyota.

As for Nissan, there’s been talk of a Silvia revival, which may actually beat the Toyobaru to market in 2010. Latest word is that it might sport hybrid or all-electric power. Instant torque!

Lastly, there was much excitement at JNC headquarters when we saw a leaked photo of the new 370Z showing a hint of old school 240Z C-pillar. Unfortunately, pictures released since don’t seem to have the design cue so we’re not sure what to believe. For now, we’re siding with the first leaked pic, because that looked more like an official Nissan image. That, and because we have hope in our hearts.

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10 Responses to Rear Wheel Resurrection Update

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    My hunch is that the “Subayota” and the next Celica will be two totally unrelated vehicles.

  2. SrFairladyZ said:

    Maybe if Toyota got serious with they’re performance and learned some lessons from the last FWD wind up toy and an under powered midship Barbie car they would have a chance. (Ex-Toyota fan since 1998)

  3. Jeff Brown said:

    WOW, thank god for that news. Whew, looks like we dodged a bullet there. Things are looking up after all. Now I only feel sorry for the enthusists in Japan that have to see that abomination roam the streets.

  4. colhogen said:

    I can dig it. It does look very Hundai-ish though.

  5. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    If by “under-powered” midship Barbie-car” you refer to the MR2 Roadster/Spyder/MR-S,I have to strongly disagree with that description.It’s got plenty of power,more power would nessecitate bigger brakes,bigger radiators and so on and push up the price,and affordability was a key point with this car.And there’s nothing “Barbie-ish” about it.It’s the most involving,sweetest-handling car I’ve ever had the pleasure to drive.The MR2 Roadster was excactly the kind of affordable driver’s car Toyota should make again!

  6. SrFairladyZ said:

    Mr. L.J. I understand your argument and do agree that it was a nice car for what it was. But what it was, was nothing like it had been before. I had a SW20 Turbo for about 6 years and loved every moment of it’s thrilling power band and exciting handling. I then test drove an MR-S and felt cheated. I felt they diluted the whole experience and created something that would fail to compete with a Miata (not that there is anything wrong with the Miata! haha).

    I just feel if they wanted to do what they did to the MR2, then fine, but they then need to create something else that fills the void. A Supercharged version would have been nostalgic (if I may) and would have greatly pleased us thrill seekers.

  7. Dan said:

    Talking about reviving the dead, has any one else seen this modernized 240Z design?

    I think it has potential with a couple of minor changes…

  8. Ben said:

    Sadly, that is just one fan’s (quite excellent) attempt at rendering and Nissan would never do anything so bold. Great site, btw 😉

  9. SrFairladyZ said:

    Yes, i was gawking over that 240Z rendering myself. I would sell my S30 for that I think. The side profile had me cheering at the screen. To be it will never be :(.

  10. Jaime said:

    It was about time .
    FWD is such a waste of time.
    RWD is the way to go. All wheel drive is great, but the option ( due to gas prices and the fact that in regular daily driving it is overkill to be using 4 wheels all the time )… is RWD. I have not seen FWD formula one cars, Indy cars, Nascar cars , Le Man winners, etc.
    I hope to see the re birth of the classic Mazda RX3!

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