Really Cheap AMG Vehicle: $3900!


A little while ago, we profiled the short-lived dalliance between AMG and Mitsubishi on GrandJDM. And just in case you didn’t believe us that AMG would put its name on a mid 80s FWD Japanese luxobarge (that otherwise would have had doillies on the seatbacks), here’s one for sale!

The car in question is at classic car dealer Musashino (check out the rest of their stocks) for a very reasonably priced Y390,000, or way less than 10% of the AMG Debonair’s shockingly expensive original sticker price. So if you’ve always wanted one, now’s your chance to plonk your butt into those sumptuously padded velour chairs.


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3 Responses to Really Cheap AMG Vehicle: $3900!

  1. Ben said:

    The hood ornament is reminiscent of the 3-pointed star. To me, these cars are like the TV commercials that Hollywood stars did in Japan for fear of their American fans thinking they had sold out, not realizing that one day the internet would beam them worldwide.

    Either that, or they were smoking the same thing as the Italians when they came out with the Chrysler TC by Maserati.

  2. Koich said:

    Man, I remember those…. I cringed at them then, still do today…. A cluster of plastic add ons on the outside, no performance enhancements on the inside. But hey, it’s a AMG. lol

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