RB30ZED Datsun 240Z

We’re always on the lookout for interesting JDM classics for sale – and today we have an especially unique car for sale in New South Wales, Australia. Steve’s “RB30ZED” is a famously (in Z circles) straight, clean and otherwise simply perfect modified 240Z. Unfortunately it’s time for the car to go after 22 years of ownership.

The price is something of a talking point. Surely a Z so modified & pristine is worth this much – or is it? Yes S30’s are appreciating but this is due to them being more widely seen as a collector car. Modified cars in this case tend not to see the same skyrocketing prices as original, unmolested cars. Do you think this particular car is worth the price? Would you rather an pristine original Z or a modified one?

RB30ZED Specifications & Sale Ad
RB30ZED Picture Gallery

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