Random Pic: Supra By the Bay

Spotted on the 101 just outside of San Francisco, the big brother of the random third-gen Celica from earlier today. Specimens like the Celica are rare enough on the east coast, but smooth, cleanly modded rides like this Supra – also rendered in beautiful, simple white – are like an Ogopogo sighting. The Mk II Supra has always been one of our favorites, for exuding just the right balance of 1980s rakish sportiness and angular Japanese boxiness, and for looking like nothing else on the road. And, rather than attempt to hide it’s bumpers and door guards in body-colored plastic, this one wears its black trim as proudly as Cindy Crawford’s mole.  Slam one on classic JDM rims and you’ve got a breathtaker.  We salute you, unidentified Supra driver.

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6 Responses to Random Pic: Supra By the Bay

  1. Toyotageek said:

    Eagerly awaiting your full report!

  2. Harry said:

    I sold my 1984 Toyota Supra a few years back and it’s been the biggest regret of my life. At the time, it had a minor engine problem and the a.c. stopped working. sigh…great website!

  3. Jnostalgics said:

    Thanks, Harry, welcome to JNC! If you keep an eye out you can still find Supras of that vintage for relatively cheap. The are great cars, I agree.

  4. eugene said:

    hey wats the name of the wing you got on your car??

  5. yota said:

    seen this supra run at the sacramento track…ran 16s’ all day =) it was pretty clean up front!

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