Random Pic Onslaught, Part 1

Seriously, it’s not funny anymore. The west coast has so many old cars cruising around that at this point we think they’re just mocking us. Here’s a gallery of random roadcraft that just happened to cross our paths during a period of three or four days during our recent coverage of Motoring J Style and the Monterey Historics. This Corona wagon belongs to Alvin from the Back in Da Dayz crew, who we’ll be introducing in greater depth in a future piece.

Other gems include a two-tone Celica, a green Z, and during breezy nighttime prowls, a Subaru Brat and an dead mint Honda Accord hatchback, which we really wish we got a better shot of.

West coast, quit rubbing salt in the wound. East coast, quit rubbing salt in the roads.

Source: [Mild Winters]

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