Random Pic: Crown Town

It seems that Toyota is all too happy to promote their heritage in any country except the US. When the twelfth generation S180 Crown debuted in J-land, Toyota brought out eleven of its ancestors to promote one of the longest-running model names in their lineup. Here’s the display from Megaweb, Toyota’s uber-showroom in Tokyo.

As you all very well know, this year is Toyota’s 50th anniversary in the US, but nary a peep will be made by the Mr, Big T, much to the dismay of classic Toyota enthusiasts like us. The closest thing is they’ve done is release a 50th anniversary Camry hybrid. The Crown, the first Japanese car ever officially imported to these shores while pioneering 50 years of Toyota’s involvement in motorsports, was celebrated at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. At least we can gaze on these machines from afar.

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3 Responses to Random Pic: Crown Town

  1. toyotageek said:

    Everyday I get more & more tempted to start a letter writing campaign to the big T.

  2. Jeff said:

    sign me up. Retro daruma time

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