QotW: Which JNC introduced in 1993 is your favorite classic of 2018?

It’s hard to believe, but the year that gave us President Bill Clinton, Jurassic Park, and Beanie Babies is now 25 years in the rear view mirror. 1993 was a seminal year, quite possibly the peak of the Bubble Era cars, as technology developed during boom times reached market. As such, a new round of Nihon steel is now eligible for historic plates, classic car insurance, and import from Japan.

Which JNC introduced in 1993 is your favorite classic of 2018?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Has your JNC ever gotten you in trouble with the law?” 

We enjoyed Benjamin Ramos‘ escape from ticket by pop-up headlight, got a kick out of Negishi no Keibajo‘s parents speeding across east Texas in a 240Z, and imagined what king of smooth talk Keith Measures must’ve employed to get out of his tickets. However, we most dug Geoff‘s story about getting off with a warning thanks to his honesty.

I was driving back from the MSA west coast nationals in ’07 in my Z, and was headed up I-17 through Coconinos National Forest towards Flagstaff and I-40 when I happened across a relatively new Porsche 911 turbo.

We played in the mountains on I-17 for about 20 miles before he got off to go his own way, and on the very next corner, an Arizona highway patrolman was cruising South.

I knew he had me dead to rights, as I was going about 90, so I pulled over and waited for him to turn around.

Because I had shown that simple courtesy, I got off with a warning, but I did neglect to tell him at the time that it was lucky he wasn’t around about 5 minutes before when I was going about 120.

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16 Responses to QotW: Which JNC introduced in 1993 is your favorite classic of 2018?

  1. gaijinshogun said:

    Supra Turbo. Nuff said.

  2. RX626 said:

    Skyline R33.
    In 1993, GT-R was not yet released, but R33 Skyline is still my best Skyline.

  3. Nigel said:

    93ish…the JZX90 Cresta or Chaser !!

  4. Jason Ward said:

    Mitsubishi GTO VR4 Z16A with active aero (Sadly discontinued in 1994), 4ws, awd and a 206kw , Gentleman’s agreement, 3.0 twin turbo V6

  5. MicaMiata said:

    During with the economic boom, Japanese makers fought over each other to showcase their newfound machismo through extravagance: Toyota had its fast, overengineered Supra; Nissan with the robotic, outworldy GT-R; and even the mostly grounded Honda shot for the stars with the NSX.

    But the most impressive example is the work of the scrappy little Mazda company—using the most unique engine while holding onto that last bit of the pop-up headlights, and STILL giving us the most sophisticated body design unseen since the golden ‘60s.

    Mazda showed that it didn’t have to beat the big boys at their game; it simply stayed true to the driving spirit, and that’s why even today, the 3rd gen RX-7 remains my favorite 90s JNC.

  6. Tim Eull said:

    FD3S Mazda Gen 3 RX-7…. duh!

  7. j_tso said:

    Gotta be the RX-7. Mazda hasn’t made anything more desirable or fills the performance gap in their range since then.

    Supra would be a close second, but Toyota has performance cars with Lexus, especially the recent ones.

  8. Neal Swigert said:

    The FD RX-7 doesn’t count, as it was technically introduced in 1991. The first copies hit dealer lots in 1992.

    (If it was eligible here, I’d vote for it as well… though I’m more than biased.)

    • Tim Eull said:

      … I hear you, however it WAS the ’93 US model year, regardless of when vehicles were ‘built.’ If we’re talking Worldwide introduction, then you are by all means correct!

      • Neal Swigert said:

        Absolutely. Sorry, Tim, I took Ben’s question literally (as in introduced to the public for the first time). I should have ascertained he meant model year introduction. Unfortunately, my mind tends to want to work in a binary fashion- yes./no, black/white absolutes, so to speak. No way I would want to punt our beloved FD from the running- I’ve got serial number 141!

  9. Mazluce said:

    The Suzuki Wagon R! Japan’s best selling kei car. This was the rise of the tall body slab sided box on wheels craze.

  10. ahja said:

    Its so obviously the RX7 and Supra. If you put aside the technicalities and the early release in Japan, every fan of these cars in North America “knows” that the RX7 was 1993-1995 and the Supra 1993-1998. I think its the Supra but I could just as easily argue for the RX7. So I won’t bother with arguments. Its just my opinion man.

  11. Brian B said:

    For once, I’m not alone on this one! RX7….a lot of amazing cars in the 90’s, but Mazda nailed it on this one

  12. Mark said:

    My personal favourite is my car, daihatsu charade detomaso. Finally made it to the 25 year club but i also wouldn’t pass up an rx-7.

  13. Trung said:

    My favorite is the 4th generation Honda Prelude. Yes, it came out in the U.S. in 1992, but the Si VTEC trim came out in 1993 which is the one I have!

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