QotW: What’s the worst thing you’ve spilled in your JNC?

Interiors. In many cases, the interior plays second (or third) fiddle to a car’s performance or exterior panache. Further still, we tend to neglect the rotting carpet or always-covered-in-grime trunk floor. But boy oh boy, a clean interior is a sight to behold, and keeping it in good nick is easier said than done.

In my younger years, I thought I could balance, in traffic, a tall chocolate milkshake on the flat part of the transmission hump of my near-spotless 914 interior (Cup holders? What cup holders?). One good brake check sent the shake on a one-way trip to spillville.

What’s the worst thing you’ve spilled in your JNC?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your JNC New Year’s resolution“?

The winner this week wasn’t a response to a the actual question, but a response to a response. When Brignola vowed to finally start a Hot Wheels collection in 2018, Rotsun77 chimed in with some sage advice:

Careful what you wish for Brignola! The staff at JNC, through no fault of their own, was so kind as to rekindle my childhood flame of hotwheels cars. Which lead to filling more shelf space than I’d like to admit with miniature die-cast replicas of all my favorite classics.

Which in itself isn’t anything too terribly bad, but my wife never ceases to giggle every time I demand to go look at the toy aisle while grocery shopping so I can forage for the latest wide-bodied Z car. The occasional ear piercing whine from a toothless bratty kid tends to draw a “WAIT YOUR TURN!” response, making me realize the significant age gap doesn’t necessarily equate to advanced maturity, making me feel more like a Billy Bob Thornton character in a Bad Santa movie than a civilized human being… Take my advice and check Ebay or Amazon!

All that aside my resolution would probably be to put the small fortune of parts I’ve amassed to good use and finally stop procrastinating with my current project. As soon as the sub arctic temperatures no longer threaten to flash freeze any exposed digits before I even have a chance to turn a bolt.

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