QotW: What’s the worst mod you’ve ever seen on a JNC?

CB7-AE86 03
It’s SEMA week, and you know what that means. Steel yourself for an onslaught of the craziest custom cars blasted at you by every media outlet on Earth. Had enough of Lambo doors? Rims taller than a barstool? Paints so loud you can use them as a form of sleep depravation torture? Well too bad, because it’s all coming at you whether you like it or not. Which brings us to the question:

What’s the worst mod you’ve ever seen on a JNC?

The most recent assault on our senses popped up a few weeks ago on that virtual pit of despair known as Craigslist. Though this… this Accorolla? Corollord? may look more finished than many actual AE86s out there, why anyone think it was cool to graft a CB7 Honda front end onto a Corolla GT-S, we cannot even fathom. But as bad as this is, it’s probably not even close to the worst.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a toy. Click through to see the winner of the last QotW, “Which car had the most entertaining celebrity spokesperson?

As usual, we had many great comments to pick from, but the winner this week is Bob, who first gave us the not-so-serious pick of an indifferent Roger Moore shilling for the 1982 Toyota Corona GT. Then Bob dealt the real winning comment, which came with the double punch of Eddie Murphy promoting the ST180 Celica and Tommy Lee Jones in a Seibu Keisatsu parody.

If we’re taking this seriously though: Eddie Murphy advertising the Celica.


He’s the polar opposite of Mr. Moore. He’s animated, he’s excited about the product (visibly), he seems like his usual Eddie Murphy self. He doesn’t look or feel forced- it’s smooth. He does a better job delivering a few select Japanese words than most American celebs do, and he’s just Eddie Murphy. You can’t ask for more- short of some sort of 48 Hours style chase with a bus maybe, but that wouldn’t really work here.

Honorary mention: Alien Tommy Lee Jones’ Seibu Keisatsu commercial for Boss Coffee. Not a car ad at all, but I can’t get enough of it. Too damn funny.

^this took an ETERNITY to find again, the link from the old JNC post is long gone.

Omedetou, Your comment has earned you a rare Hot Wheels x JNC Super Speeders mystery pack Mazda RX-7!


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