QotW: What makes you cringe about the current JNC culture?

We’ve see many trends roll through JNC culture over the years. Some great (upgrades in body rigidity and period correct wheel re-pops), and some not so great (such as over-use of accessory add-ons). Personally, I wince every time I hear people waxing on about “JDM” this and that. It comes off as very boy-racer and an air of elitism. How about you?

What makes you cringe about the current JNC culture?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your favorite JNC underdog story?

Last week, we were all transported back to 2001 thanks to Jac Cottrell‘s recreated memoirs of a certain Mr. Toretto. How many times have we all been there? Sitting at a stoplight, wild graphics on our freshly painted boosted Supra, only to be dissed by some doofus in a stock Ferrari.

One time, this punk owed me a 10 second car. He brought me a burnt heap of a Mk IV Supra to my shop. After about 20 minutes – fueled by an amazing soundtrack – my crew had this thing all back together. We applied killer graphics over the chrome orange paint and took it for a shake down. At a stop light he complemented a local car owner on his ride…only to be told “More than you can afford pal, Ferrari.” I casually leaned over and said “Smoke him”. And, well, I guess the rest is history.

– D. Toretto

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