QotW: How will you purchase your next JNC?

We’ve been seeing a massive amount of minty JNCs lately. Many of these perfect specimens come attached with “out-the-barn, no low-ball, I-know-what-I-have” prices. On the other hand, there are still times when you can find a JNC in condition ranging from quasi-decent to “help meeeee” for a much lower price. I’m interested in your take with the current market for JNC.

For your next purchase, do you buy the complete model with a higher price tag; or go low-ball and perform your own servicing to get it back in tip-top shape?

How will you purchase your next JNC?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your favorite color on a JNC?

Last week, we asked about your favorite color dipped on a JNC. It could have been a stock, period correct color; or a custom blend of new age paint on an old age JNC. If I were to toss my hat in the ring, I would have said the S13 two-tone 463 and FG0 otherwise know as Dark Gray Metallic and Silver Green Pearl. But, that is because I am a dyed in the wool 2-tone nut. (I painted my eye glasses 2-tone) Every car I’ve ever painted has always been 2-tone. But I digress.

Now, on to the winner! In this case, I have to agree with Chase who first brought up the now famous “112 Yellow” (..remember when paint colors were named after colors and not “midnight aspirations of success and power with mica flakes”?..)

I remember a neighbor down the street with one that would hot rod up the street on my walk home from the bus stop. I, too, thought it was some exotic beast… ah the days.

Here’s Chase’s own thoughts:

112 Yellow (Greenish?) on my 72 240z. It’s bright, which is nice from a safety standpoint on today’s roads where paying attention to driving seems optional. It also takes on different shades of green/yellow depending on the time of day and lighting. Kinda cool. Best reason for it being my favorite color? Kids think the car is some kind of exotic Lambo when they see it due to the outspoken nature of the color. Who doesn’t want their old Datsun to be mistaken for an Italian super car??

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