Pure and Simple: 510 Design Project

Nissan 510 Pure

Nissan North America recently teamed up with Sweat Equity Enterprises, a youth entrepreneurship program, to design a low-cost urban car. Nissan received six designs from participants, with the retro, 510-esque Nissan Pure concept chosen as the winner of the competition. Indeed, according to high school student Chris Jones, who was part of the Pure team, “The goal of the Nissan Pure is to be as iconic as the original Mini Cooper, as legendary as the Nissan Skyline and as economical and fun as the Datsun 510.”

Of course, we’re very happy to see the younger generation embrace classic designs from past nostalgics and love the Pure. We salute you, Jones, and the rest of your team, Paul Ayala, Alex Rodriguez and Shakirra Torain. All designs and the Pure model will be displayed at the LA Auto Show, which begins November 16.

Source: [Edmund’s Driving Woman blog]

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